The Patented, Pain-Stopping Dual Action Formula Helps You Say GOODBYE to creaky knees … sore hips … tight shoulders … and any other joints that ache

Relieves Pain in 30 Days!

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BeFlexible contains a patented blend of two next-generation ingredients specially formulated to ease your joint pain fast. And keep it away for good.
  • Neutralizes the pain-triggering enzymes to relieve you of joint pain and inflammation fast
  • Feeds the joints, cartilage and tissue with the nutrients they have been aching for
  • Relieves stiff, aching joints, improves mobility
  • 20x more effective then Glucosamine
  • Super absorbable ingredients start working fast
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The Patented, Pain-Stopping Duo in BeFlexible Deliver Powerful, Natural JOINT RELIEF where you need it the most!

Relieves joint pain
and inflammation
healthy cartilage
lost flexibility

Rejuvenates your range of motion


Pain is difficult to treat, you either take drugs that work fast or take supplements that take months to see results. That’s why we developed BeFlexible. The combination of these two ingredients in a fast-acting one-a-day capsule has never been achieved before now.

Dr. Terry Shirvani, N.D.
- Integrative Holistic Physician
- Doctor of Nutrition
- Co-Developer, BeFlexible

*BeFlexible is not equivalent to drugs or surgery. Always consult your doctor about any serious medical issues

BeFlexible’s 2 Next-Generation Ingredients Give You Joint Comfort AND Advanced Joint Nutrition

The secret to BeFlexible is a unique, proprietary blend of two patented ingredients chosen specifically for their ability to ease joint pain and inflammation.

20 years of published research plus 8 clinical studies back it up!
This special blend is also highly absorbable, which means it gets to work right away to deliver noticeable relief fast. It also feeds your joints, cartilage, and tissue with the nutrients they’ve been aching for -- improving joint health over the long term, too. In fact, the longer you use it, the better you’ll feel!

The Science Behind BeFlexible™


Phyto-Boron™: The Master Mineral Your Joints are Aching For

Boron is critical for healthy joints and cartilage. Research suggests It can help prevent joint discomfort and promote healthy bone density, too.
Higher Boron Levels = Fewer Joint Problems
Research indicates a strong link between low boron levels and joint problems. In parts of the world where people consume more boron, less than 10% of the population suffer from joint issues.

Boron is woefully lacking in the
North American diet!

Mineral-depleted soil means that Americans don’t get enough of the boron they need. That’s why it’s a good idea to take supplements. However, not all boron supplements are alike. Most are very difficult for your body to absorb.

BeFlexible™ contains Phyto-Boron, an advanced, patented form of boron that’s similar to what’s found in nature. It’s also more potent and far more absorbable than typical boron supplements.
Five clinical trials show that Phyto-Boron makes a dramatic improvement in joint comfort and flexibility

That means better range of motion…better relief from inflammation…and better joint flexibility -- without wincing in pain.

5 double-blind clinical studies show that Phyto-Boron has the ability to:
  • Reduce joint discomfort
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Promote easier mobility and physical function
  • Support healthy bone strength and density
  • Promote healthy cartilage and joint tissue

The Science Behind BeFlexible™


Bio-Boswellia™: Known since Biblical Times, Modern Science Confirms Its Pain-Easing Potential

The healing power of Boswellia Serrata dates back to Biblical times. In fact, the Boswellia sacra tree is the source of frankincense, one of the gifts of the Three Wise Men to the infant Jesus.

Today, we know why it works so well. it short-circuits joint pain before it can start!
Targets 5 rogue enzymes that trigger pain and inflammation
Boswellia contains a gummy resin called AKBA. Research shows that AKBA can derail the action of 5 pain-triggering enzymes including COX-2, 5-LOX, and the particularly nasty MMP-3 enzymes.

However, there’s a problem: typical Boswellia isn’t absorbed by your body very well. Only a tiny fraction of AKBA actually gets utilized by your body. The rest is completely wasted!

BeFlexible contains a patented, next-generation form called Bio-Boswellia™. Not only does it block pain and cartilage-eating enzymes more effectively than ordinary Boswellia, its highly bioavailable, too. So you experience more relief faster.
Clinical Study: Eased Joint Pain and Joint Stiffness

100mg of

Results after 30 Days

Reduction in pain
Reduced stiffness
Improved function and mobility




Here’s even better news:
Many joint supplements recommend you take 3, even 4 capsules a day to experience any results. BeFlexible™ helps you get back your life and start doing what you love with only one capsule a day!

BeFlexible is the product of decades of research. It’s not available in retail stores. Only through this Special Offer from TheraBotanics, the formulators of BeFlexible.
What Kind of Results Can You Expect? It’s Great News!
STOP the Pain. TRANSFORM Your Life.
How it works…

BeFlexible Attacks the Root Cause of Joint Discomfort in 3 Ways:

BeFlexible helps ease inflammation at the source.

It neutralizes five of the most powerful pain-triggering enzymes including COX-2, MMP-3 and 5-LOX. These enzymes attack and inflame your joints like an invading army.

BeFlexible eases pain and “safeguards your frame”.
BeFlexible promotes better flexibility and supports the health of your cartilage and joint tissues, so you feel stronger and more secure while going about your day.
BeFlexible nourishes your joints and cartilage.
With essential nutrients, so you can feel better, move better, do more and enjoy an active, pain-free life again. That’s why we call it Advanced Joint Nutrition!
Grabbing a coffee cup is much easier now. Pain in my hands is much better. I had to use both hands to function. Now I have more strength in my fingers and a better grip.

Dee, age 70

Don’t be surprised if your stiff, aching joints are now a distant memory thanks to BeFlexible™. All it takes is just one capsule a day.
Put BeFlexible to your own personal test– and at special savings! You’ll save the most with our multi-bottle discounts, so stock up now and feel blessed relief at last. 
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BeFlexible has made believers out of thousands of people. Watch how it eased their pain and transformed their lives.
Knee Pain Relieved!
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“My energy and flexibility, the comfort in my joints, the strength. My flexibility and range of motion is back. I have no more pain—that’s so cool!”

Diana, age 57
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“After taking BeFlexible, I am  110% back. I’m out there getting my activity on…I’m hanging tough with these young guys."

Joseph, age 64*
Feels Better and Better
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“With BeFlexible, you can stay active. You can stay capable of doing whatever you want to do. I can tell you firsthand that it worked for me.”

Bill, age 51
Foot Pain Relieved
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“I can walk up the stairs without holding the railing. This stuff works. I want more of this! Now I can go salsa dancing. I’m going out tonight!”

Priscilla, age 65
Elbow Pain Relieved
Less pain, more vitality

“After one week, I woke up pain-free. And I have more vitality, too!"

Kate, age 63*
*Individual results will vary
Don’t spend another day struggling to do what you love.
BeFlexible is here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What symptoms does BeFlexible relieve?

A. BeFlexible™ is specially formulated to ease joint pain, improve mobility and flexibility, enhance range of motion, and support cartilage health.

Q. Is BeFlexible safe? Are there any side effects?

A. BeFlexible™ is 100% drug free and contains only plant-based active ingredients. Independent testing shows it is safe, effective, and well-tolerated and will not cause any adverse side effects. It’s also backed by the latest scientific testing and quality control. Every bottle is encapsulated in the US in accordance with strict FDA guidelines. It is also independently tested and verified for purity and for the absence of pesticides and heavy metals like lead.

Q. Why does BeFlexible work so well?

A. BeFlexible™ contains a patented, proprietary blend of two trademarked ingredients: Phyto-Boron and Bio-Boswellia. Clinical studies show that these ingredients help inhibit the action of 5 powerful pain enzymes including 5-lox and MMP-3. They also promote healthy cartilage and joint tissue. BeFlexible is the result of decades of research and is more effective than glucosamine, relieving discomfort and improving flexibility.

Q. What’s the suggested dosage of BeFlexible?

A. Just one capsule a day is all you need! Compare that to typical supplements where you have to take 3 or 4 horse pills to experience any results. We suggest you take BeFlexible™ with a meal to improve absorption. As with any supplement, we suggest taking the product over the long term to experience the most benefits and greatest relief.

Q. What kind of results can I expect?

A. Of course, everyone is different. However, clinical studies show that BeFlexible™ dramatically improved pain, mobility and flexibility in the short term and the effects continue to get better over time. Remember, you are completely protected by our Money Back Guarantee – so there’s no risk.

Q. Can I buy BeFlexible in stores?

A. BeFlexible is not available in stores. We sell direct to you. This way, we can keep a close watch on quality 
and freshness. Plus, we can give you the best price. With this Special Introductory Offer, you can try BeFlexible™ risk free for 30 days. Learn more here.